Education Consulting Victoria

Education is the best way to invest in your child's future!

Education Consulting Victoria

Education is best way to invest in your child's future!

ECV Vision 

Education Consulting Victoria visualises that all Victorians will be well educated with learned knowledge rather than memory base information overload.  This will improve the standards of their lives and quality of future generations. Education will be a characteristic property of Victoria.

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Education is the movement from darkness to light.
Allan Bloom

ECV Mission 

Education Consulting Victoria's mission is to facilitate education. This is via tuitions, training, lessons and practices in an ethical manner. It will be implemented without differentiating any students or trainee.

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 Justin S. ( Bachelor of Surveying, services used for the duration of the course )

Just wanted to let you know all hard work and late nights have paid off. I passed my exam. Thanks for your help along the way. And taking time out each week to teach me. Doubt I would have passed without your expertise. Thanks again.

 Mary P. (Parent of a VCE student, services used for a year)

My husband and I would like you to know that we were extremely satisfied with your service, effort and care that you have shown our son.

Frizzy I. (Parent of Year 9 Student, serviced during 2017)

Thank you very much for your extensive concerns with my child's education. He has learnt many educational tips, as well as subject content. Education Consulting Victoria has reinforced and strengthen the content of our school curriculum. So much answers, advice and tips provided to me about many questions I had. ECV even contacted Victorian Education Department to provide accurate information that I desired. I hope many people would benefit the services provided by the experienced staff of ECV!

Serkan E. (Parent of a Primary Student, servicing since 2015)

I believe education is important in life. It is an essential foundation for my daughter's future. It was a correct choice for me to bring her to ECV. We will continue and listen to their advice in education until my daughter is independent. 

Education Consulting Victoria