- It consists of 60 minutes contact time

- Student tailored tuitions will be faciliated

- V.I.T. accredited teacher or equivalent tutor will be appointed

- Technological tools will be used to reinforce learning

- Guardian monitoring tuition sessions is welcome

- Discipline and norm setting sessions

- Lesson and  curriculum planning techniques

- Conflict resolution techniques and implementing strategies

- Mobility and positioning recommendations during delivery of lessons

- Voice usage and effects in teaching

- Do's and Don'ts in teaching

B-Teaching technique guidances

C-Professional Developments

-Discipline in classrooms
-How to cater low/high achieving pupils
-Bullying patterns in secondary schools
-Education management and coordination techniques
-High school stress preventions
-Mathematic teaching

- Recognising politics of RTOs

- Acquiring expectations of supervising teachers

- Getting the pulse of a class

- Assessment and evaluation techniques

- Interpreting responses and providing learning environment

D-Student-teacher trainings

E-All educational consultancy.